You are wanted, welcome, and invited!

We hope that we have a chance to get to meet you very soon. Until then, we hope that this site gives you a brief glimpse at who we are (or at least, who we strive to be). Having served the Northern Kentucky area for over 100 years, we have seen God do many great things. With that in mind, we also believe that the best is yet to come.

How can you be a part of that story?


What do we think you will find as you get to know us?

We place a high value on authenticity and love. None of us have it all together, which is why we need Jesus (and each other). We don’t think that serving Jesus means that we have to agree with each other all the time or to pretend that we don’t have our own issues.

We LOVE other churches and we have no desire to do things exactly the way that they do. We think God blesses each church with unique abilities, passions, and opportunities. We want to celebrate what God is doing in those places and figure out what unique opportunities we have.

With that said, we expect that if you join with us, you should bring your own talents, abilities, and experiences to the table. We want to help you figure out how to make an impact for the kingdom in the places where you already are and help you do that in the best way possible.

We have no idea what the next five, ten, or fifteen years holds and that’s exciting. We want to find out where the Spirit is leading and so a common phrase repeated around here is “What’s Next?”

As a visitor and now the newest member what I appreciated most is that the pastor and congregation met me right where I was. No pressure to do anything or be anything I am not, just acceptance and love for who I am right now!
— Angi
I have been a very active member of this congregation for over 30 years. We have always had caring, sharing, and mission minded folks working together to share God’s Kingdom. We are not the biggest but we are welcoming and committed to helping everyone enjoy and grow as they walk with Christ!
— Bill
One of the many things I love about our church is that we are willing to try new things! Whether it’s “this is a fun, new arrangement of a classic hymn”, or “let’s make some hot dogs for people going to the football games!”, as long as it is pleasing to God, we’re willing!
— Lori